Assist Us

The HANZAB website is for the birding community to use and enjoy. Diverse skills are needed to grow a big project like the HANZAB website, so there is something for everybody to contribute. We will be looking for species experts to help update the original text for each species. We will also need volunteers to help with some tasks, such as proof-reading and sourcing references for bibliographies. If you are time poor but still want to help out HANZAB and BirdLife Australia you can always support this project with a donation.

Please email if you are interested in helping with this amazing project.

Thank you

The following people have already assisted with getting this project up and going.

Alex Rogers, Annie Heydon, Bronwen Baird, Carl Shuetrim, Damian Kelly, Duncan Kennedy, Geoff Milne, Georgia Ladmore, Helen Smith, Ian Kerr, Jan Nargar, Jen Bourke, Julia Hudd, Leonie Daws, Les Montanjees, Lynda Berends, Mark Harwood, Neil Shelley, , Peter Hosking, Rachael Krutulis, Raymond Nojek, Rhiannon Myhre, Stephanie Nicholls, Stephen Wallace, Fred Van Gessell, Tim Nickholds, Vijaya Baskar, Jeff Hardy.

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