Taxa no longer in HANZAB taxonomy

The lists below show the taxa which are in the HANZAB book but are not in the current HANZAB taxonomy. See Taxonomic changes since HANZAB book published in the entries for the reason.

Orders no longer in taxonomy

Families no longer in taxonomy
    Parrots (Psittacidae)

Subfamilies no longer in taxonomy
    Arctic sandpipers and allies (Calidridinae)
    Dowitchers (Limnodrominae )
    Lapwings (Vanellinae)
    Phalaropes (Phalaropodinae)
    Skuas and jaegers (Stercorariinae )
    Snipe (Gallinagoninae)
    Turnstones (Arenariinae)

Species in HANZAB book now demoted to subspecies or no longer included in the taxonomy
    Bronze-Cuckoo, Gould's
    Ground-Dove, Norfolk Island
    Shag, Antarctic
    Shag, Crozet
    Shag, Heard
    Shag, Macquarie
    Shag, South Georgian
    Wagtail, Black-backed

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